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How many miles has your computer or TV done?
We dont all get together at cmx that often as we are all working on the road and everything online and between us as individuals. well last week was unusual for two reasons, Snow was predicted for November and five of us were working at one site.
The conversation drifted from the usual banter to a very serious subject, how many miles has a TV or computer done in five years.

We can gauge the age of most things, like a toddler, teenager, house just by knowing the age but a car?

We tend to think that a car thats done over 100,000 miles as unreliable and over the hill. If it was a year old and had done 50,000 we tend to think, rep’s car. Over 5 years old and a high mileage then we would expect it to be reliable. So we would change it whether it had gone wrong or not.

But a TV or computer? Theres no way of instantly kknowing whether its any good or not because there is no real way of measuring it’s age. 

So we came up with the har far does a computer travel.

Let me explain:

A car averages 50 miles per hour throughout its life, so I am told, so if you drive 20,000 miles a year then you will have spent around 8 hours a week driving. The maths is simple but as we all seem to losing skills like spelling and writing (or we are getting lazy) I will lay it out; 20,000 miles @ 50mph=400 hrs. 400/52= as nears as eight hours as makes no difference.

Now if we look at a TV, its on for about three hours a night, 7 days a week, thats roughly 1100 hours a year, so if it was a car it would travel 275,000 miles over five years. What about a work computer. On at 9am off at 5pm, five days a week for 50 weeks. over five years thats 500,000 miles.

I don’t know about you but I think thats really a long distance.

I have a very old car which cost £30,000 when new. I keep as it doesn’t owe me anything, its done 188,000 miles, is cheap to run and insure and I don’t trust it not to break down one day. I have RAC get me home cover, another newer car and access to another just in case.

You really should feel the same about your computers? We have something for £3 a week that might be just what you need, its cheaper than having three spare computers.