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A problem that plays on less tech savvy users – messes with data – Blackmails you for £300?
No its not cryptlocker, it’s a phone call

The aim is the same; to get money with your credit card details.

This one has various forms but it always starts with an unexpected phone call, usually from BT or Microsoft, well they don’t actually say that. 
This is typical:

“A person called and identified themselves as a representative of Microsoft and stated that I had a virus just entered my computer system. Microsoft was watching as I have a Windows OS.”  

They then ask to dive around the computer screen asking questions, eventually they ask you if you can see a particular icon, they may even take control of your machine by sending you to an official looking website.
They then show you the offending “virus” which for a small payment of £6.50 they will remove for you. Which they do. All is well and you go away happy!

If you are suspicious, they will tell you they are from BT and they can seize your line to prove it. They tell you to replace the receiver and then pick it up to dial. NO DIAL TONE! then you put it down, the phone rings and there they are again proving they are from BT, then of course you trust them.

No what has actually happened; They call saying they are working with BT, Microsoft etc, well suprise, suprise not a lie, so are most of us. I also work with Tesco and the Bank of England (we use their fuel by using money).

Taking control of your computer is easy, you don’t have to do anything apart from clicking on a website, they then find a useless file “proving” they know what they are talking about, well you do trust them don’t you?

They then take the credit card payment but you have just given them all the details they need to make many transactions that will add up to your credit limit, not just the few pounds they said.

Oh and how do they do the phone trick? get someone to phone you, tell them to stay on the line while you hang up, you’ll be back in a second, pick up the phone again and you will hear silence, just say ring me back and hang up, they, if they like you, will ring back. Hey presto! Trick complete, and you are poorer if it was a phishing scam.

Remember no one from any reputable company will do this. Ask for their number and extension and tell them you will ring them back as your computer is not on and it’s a UNIX system. You have just a. called their bluff and proved you are more tech savvy than them. If you think you have a virus then call us on 01206 256459 or 01473 231800, we’ll advise you for free.

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