Government IT experts say the cloud is too risky

We often go on about the hidden costs of cloud computing but cloud computing might help people work faster and smarter, but it’s not secure enough to meet government standards, according to a poll of government IT workers.

In a survey released Thursday by Dell and Dimensional Research, nearly eight in ten government information technology workers (74 percent) said that the insecurity of cloud networks would likely prevent more agencies from moving their work to those platforms.

Cloud datacentres are the focus of many successful attacks.

Cloud systems have been the focus of many deastating cyberattacks in recent years, finding targets ripe for exploitation. The June security breach at the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) showed that governmental IT systems were badly in need of security updates.

Most major attacks on government and private servers alike have exploited the most common vulnerability in network security: employee carelessness. When employees choose weak passwords or open unrecognized attachments, they give hackers a way into a system that might not otherwise be vulnerable. Whether the server is run by the government or Amazon’s highly regarded S3 service, its security is only as robust as the weakest link in its network—and hackers are getting better at casting a net wide enough to ensnare that weak link.

Hackers head for the best rewards

There are many reasons that hackers attack a target, fame, power or fortune. The power attacker just wants to get in to prove how good they are, how bad the data centre is and gain the power as in the recent Ashley Maddison hack to close down what they downt like or the fortune of blackmail or fraud. So why data centres and not Joe Smith?

Actually home and small business users are under automated attck but the bicg cloud centres are the new main target, the gains can be great, ease of entry is actually easier and the publicity is fantastic. So if you trust the cloud with  your personal or bsuiness data then you are in a tiny minority.

Realise that the more data that data centres hold the more of a target they are and the less the security then the more profit they make so their greed will cause your loss. You have been warned what every sensible IT person already knows. Only you know how safe your data is when its in your hands, otherwise you dont have a clue.

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