Why pay for any Software when you can what you want for free? – explained using LEGO

legoI remember interviewing salespeople for cmx, I had 8 sales guys out of 18 staff and needed some more. I asked them a question during the interview, we ended up only hiring the guys who got it right.

“You are the salesman in a hardware store, a customer comes in and asks for a 1/4″ masonry drill, What does he actually want?”

The correct answer is a variation on “holes”. You see the customer only saw the drill as a means to an end, he wanted holes in a wall, the good sales guys asked why a drill? They then found out about the customer needs and then offered things to help such as screws, rawlplugs, brackets, shelves, in fact anything to help. The customer wanted “holes” but he was thinking “shelves”.

In this brainwashed world everyone thinks I need Sage, ACT!, Office, DropBox, Microsoft Server & Exchange

– That’s our masonry drill. Instead of thinking about the “holes” and the “shelf” which is Accounts, Customer management, Word processing, Presentations, spreadsheets and email.

There is a world of free software out there which does the job and usually better than the brands you know because millions of people in the world are contributing to improve it.

Why doesn’t everyone sell Open Source?

You don’t sell it, its free and because sales people don’t make money out of you and they don’t have the knowledge to install it, they send you to the cloud instead.

Is it a commercially reality?

Most open source software is available in two versions, the first you pay for using it and get direct support which means you have to deal with several software companies, not a good idea for small business. Or the free version which is installed by someone, like us at cmx,  who actually understands computers and software. We install it and support it but don’t sell it. We can install a full accounting package with multi company, multi user, multi currency that works on PC’s tablets, phones and Apple for £300, that’s the installation charge, we offer support at £8 a month. That’s £480 over five years. Xero will cost you £1200 for much less.

OK the LEGO bit

By now you will have the idea but you won’t understand it, watch this and then come back for some more information.

OK so why pay Microsoft, Sage, Dropbox around the average for 10 users of £38,000 over five years? Everything they do is available somewhere else for free or pennies. We have off the shelf solutions for Email servers (Exchange), Shared storage (DropBox), SQL, HR, Projects, Backup, Accounts (Sage, X

ero) Office (Ability, OpenOffice LibreOffice) Servers (Linux BSD).

This is why Amazon, eBay, Google, Tesco and virtually every big business knows, its out there for nothing and its what the NHS, Government and Police don’t realise so they waste billions of your money re-inventing the wheel and buying brands.

Queen-VictoriaI don’t want to learn anything new!

In that case don’t ever buy anything new, or ever, if you get a new car you have to learn how to work the heater and all the switches, the fundamental driving is the same though. That goes for kettles, cookers, TV’s, you name it.

All the Open Source software is easy to use, its driven by users wants so if you get a copy of office it works and feels like Office in familiar ways. Remember the switch to XP and then  to 7 and now Windows 10 they all do the same thing but in a different way.

We offer clear alternatives because we know business, computers, support and software and we want you as along term customer, that’s how we make our money, by saving yours not by taking as much as we can.


or email me glyn@cmx.co.uk or call me personally on 07881917525 to get our help and start saving.

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