Windows 10 two weeks on, The gad and the bood.

Its been nearly two weeks since two cmx specialists installed Windows 10 on three systems. One had been following the trial and the other was a new to Windows 10. The verdict is that its not ready for business use, hence the spoonerism “gad & the bood” Its a mix up.

The verdict

  1. Overall the loading was not easy, Some Win 7/8.1 codes would not load, there are US and UK versions which load differently and exclude some software. Only good as an upgrade.
  2. The new interface with start button, desktop and tiles is good but not excellent. The icon pictures are tiny and its tricky to find what you want.
  3. It’s just not ready for general release,
  4. It wont work with domains which 99% of businesses using servers need.
  5. Security settings are lost as part of the upgrade
  6. You cant remove the built in Anti-virus and use your preferred vendor.
  7. It connects all your personal data to the Internet and uploads it, so zero for security.
  8. You cant stop upgrades unless you edit the group policy or registry, not a user area to try
  9. They are trying to out-apple Apple in ease of use and getting it all mixed up.
  10. Its faster than 7 or 8.1 but do we need the equivalent of a faster instant coffee.
  11. If you turns things off then it assumes you are an idiot and turns them back on later.

Overall its a consumer product aimed at the technically naive who don’t know any better. Its designed to relieve the user of any choices but its a poor implementation of that ideal, Our overall verdict? We are running it in house but we won’t be in a rush to sell it to end users.

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