The first and the last question – usually virus related.

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This is about virus infections and a DIY way to clear them.

The first question anyone asks me on the business meeting networking circuit, when they have got to know me after the what do you do is, “I think my” usually followed by either son or daughter’s “machine has a virus” and usually “Its doing …………” then we get, “I’ve checked it with AVG and it’s not found anything”, I usually act interested but I’m unsurprised when someone mentions AVG. It’s free and cheap and if the only way to get more users is to give it away then that says it all, there are millions of people out there thinking they are safe because they haven’t been told they aren’t.

Lets look at a simile, your house is being burgled, the first thing they do is to try to be undetected and turn off any alarms. If you had the cheapest alarm such as a tin can and a piece of string you wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t work and they could cut the string. Did I say I don’t like AVG?

Other protection systems are so big they encase your house in steel box but for some reason they sometimes leave a cat flap open big enough for a lion. Welcome to the world of Norton and McAfee. Now the problem is that the steel case theory is brilliant, if done correctly, but it does rather limit how you can use your house (Trend AV).

So apart from the fact that we love ESET what should you do if you suspect that you have a virus or malware? Just click here  and download our DIY helpsheet. Its easy to use and its the initial actions we take when we come across a problem. If this doesn’t cure it then we need it in our workshops.

We can also supply you with advice and a 30-day trial ESET package. Just email me

Oh and the last question, well its the same one about viruses but it’s one our clients never ask, they don’t need to, they have us looking after them not an enthusiastic amateur. playing at being a professional. So its the last question our clients will ever ask.


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