Windows is the most widely used operating system of all time? – I don’t think so


That accolade goes to a product we supply that not many have heard of.

Panasonic, Amazon, Google, IBM, the Internet, some CMX clients even Apple all have something major in common. They are based on a product called UNIX which first saw life in 1969.

Who realises that Apple computers, i-phones and Android boxes are UNIX derived?  

We installed UNIX systems in the early ’80s using computers supplied by AT&T. It’s now running on ordinary PC servers in several of our clients.

It’s main claim to fame?
It uses less computing power and is more reliable than Windows systems, most of the software is free, it doesn’t need licensing, Unix systems usually don’t get virii, There are tons of reasons it’s better than Windows.

If its so good why doesn’t everyone supply it? 

That’s simple it has to be installed by knowledgeable IT people because it’s not easy. There’s probably only about three companies in Essex and Suffolk who supply it, whereas whereas for Windows there are thousands because you don’t need much training.

So whats the benefit?
Basically reliability and cost. Lets look at cost. Microsoft Windows needs plenty of RAM and Processor, the software costs and on top you have the installation and maintenance. Unix uses less power, (thats why big business and phones like it), so cheaper hardware, no software costs and because we know its more reliable our support charges are lower.

When should I not use it?
If you have a special need such as an Exchange or SQL server then it might not be right for you as you may have to go to Windows, talk to us we can soon let you know.

Ok I have not heard of UNIX but I have heard of ??IX
Thats because it has developed and moved around over the last 40 years, ownership has changed and there are variants. There is XENIX, Chrome, iO7, Android, Apple OS, POSIX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, Sequent, HP-UX, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, SUSE Linux Enterprise, openSUSE, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Mandriva Linux, Slackware Linux and Gentoo. Maybe thats why its not that known, too many flavours but thats re-assuring.

For more information go to or talk to us, we converse in English and compuspeak (Which sounds like Martian I am told).

Email us on if you would like to know more.  

If you have a spec

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